Rose is a female unicorn filly, and is the protagonist of Filly Funtasia. She is a new student at Royal Magic Academy.


Rose is lovely, bright, and caring. She strives to be the very best at everything she does, and usually succeeds, at least when she's not having a bad hair day. Her need to prove herself tends to lead her into highly stressful and sometimes dangerous situations.[2] Her catchphrase is "Do you get my point?", while pointing to her horn.

She is pretty concerned about others most of the time, be it traps falling down,[1] exits not appearing where they should, and matters of truth and heroity. But when she's not, she's happy, excited, or laughing, even being able to drive other students insane with her good mood.[3]

She also has a tendency to be self-conscious, as to her, the sudden lack of privacy that comes with sharing a dorm room is a bit worrysome. However, Rose does warm up to the idea of getting to borrow cute things from her new roomies.


Rose is a unicorn with a pink coat and green eyes. Her horn and hooves are a dark pink. Her hair and tail are both white and have roses embedded into them. She wears a gold necklace and tiara with a pink gem in the center.


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