"The Cupcake Mystery" is the first episode of Filly Funtasia. The episode was initially titled "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire". This episode first premiered March 11, 2019 on Frisbee in Italy.[1]


When Bella accidentally messes up the cupcakes that she promised to keep safe for Will and the teachers, Rose covers up for her by lying that they were stolen.


Will has made some cupcakes for his teacher, Twilight, in the hope of getting a better grade. He briefly leaves them in the care of Bella, who eats some and drops the others.

Bella implores Rose for help and, while the pair are talking, Will comes back and asks where his cupcakes are. Rose covers for Bella by saying that they were stolen, but, when pressed for details, Bella makes up an increasingly monstrous thief, even after other Fillys come to see what's happening.

The idea of a cupcake-stealing giant quickly sweeps the school, sending students and staff alike into a state of panic, and even Battiwigs and Wranglum believe the rumour. Will is cross about his missing cupcakes and decides to make a trap for the monstrous thief. Rose repeatedly pressures Bella to fix it by telling the truth, but Bella struggles to do this, both because she finds it hard to admit and because she's enjoying the attention.

Rose and Bella walk in the forest and Bella falls into Will's trap and finally tells him the truth. Will releases Bella and forgives her, and the friends walk back to the school.


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Country Language Title Air date Channel
It Italy Italian "Il mistero dei dolcetti" March 11, 2019
(18:30 UTC+1)
Ua Ukraine Ukrainian "Таємниця кексиків" November 30, 2019
(15:30 UTC+2)


  • This episode's previous title, "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire", is a play on the schoolyard taunt of "liar, liar, pants on fire".


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